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Heereweg 44, Castricum
€ 40,00
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In 3000BC the west coast of the Netherlands did not exist as it does today. It was a large delta of the Rhine-Ems in the North with beach ridges, salt marshes and peat bogs. It was wet and cold. The Romans called it the Low Countries or the ‘neder’-lands and the people who lived here ‘barbarians’. 

But time changed all that. Nature and culture shaped each other over the next millennia.

It began when Adelbert, a foreign monk, settled in Egmond in North Holland. The Egmond Abbey and the ‘men from Egmond’ (de heren van Egmond) continued to play an important role in shaping the natural-cultural history of this region. By the 1st century AD, the landscape was tamed and so were the rebellious and freedom-loving ‘frisians’ from the north. By 1500AD, the Egmond family had become wealthy and powerful. So powerful that the beheading of one of their lords during the period of the spanish domination triggered the Dutch Revolt. This was a turning point in the country’s journey to a sovereign kingdom.   

This tour is made of 3 main landmarks: The dynamic dunes, the ‘Adelbertusakker’ and the Abbey. During the tour you will also experience breathtaking nature, see quaint little houses, and go through beautifully crafted farmlands.

This is a bike-tour that lasts ca. 3.5 hours. Start and end point is Castricum station. Price includes rental cost for bikes and entry fees into the dunes. There are breaks for coffee/tea (this is not included in the price quoted) and washroom facilities on the way. The tour is given in English.

An extended tour option is also present. Please see: 

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Titel Afbeelding Beschrijving
Koffie/thee Koffie, thee, koekjes, water enz
WC Binnen de locatie of dichtbij

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